1. The possibilities are endless

  2. Woot! That came in faster than I was expecting :D Side-by-side with my D600

    I plan on using the camera on a model first, so there may not be any posts for a while yet from it. But hopefully soon :)

  3. In my dream, I was drowning my sorrows

    But my sorrows, they learned to swim.

    Lyric from U2’s “Until the End of the World”, but the original quote was from Frida, I believe.

  4. Memories of Old

  5. Facebook Page

    Hey everyone,

    I just set up my facebook page, so if you feel like seeing my work and following me on TWO sites, go for it :P

    Anyway, here’s the link: www.facebook.com/aboyningphotography

  6. So I watched an…interesting…movie today :P “Feuchtgebiete”, or “Wetlands” in English.

    Definitely not a movie for the faint of heart haha and it is definitely “the most wtf, nsfw movie” as BuzzFeed put it :P

  7. The perversity of nature

  8. Just workin’ away

    Building some brake motors.

    For “No Edit Friday”

  9. Pearl - No 3

  10. The King in Yellow - Part 4

    An excerpt from the fictitious play “The King in Yellow” from the book “The King in Yellow”…

    yo dawg…